Long African necklace with chunky, heavy Kenyan Batik beads, Krobo beads from Ghana, brass beads from the Ivory Coast and frosty glass beads from Ghana. The focal bead is a stylized tooth shape with Batik dyes to add a dramatic look to the 30 inch long necklace. This is certainly a conversation piece and supports several African cottage industries.

Batik technique, sometimes called 'Mudcloth', is used on African trade beads in Kenya. Wax is painted onto the bead to create a design, then the remaining surface is darkened with a vegetable dye. Once the dye is set, the wax is removed. The resulting graphic is reminiscent of the African 'bogolanfini' fabric known as mudcloth.

The recycled glass beads are all hand made in Ghana. These colorful beads with hand applied designs are twice fired in order to set the design. They will make a great statement bead as well as looking wonderful mixed with other beads. All of the beads used are individually handmade and therefore no two beads are exactly the same. These are also known as African trade beads.

Ivory Coast beads are hand-made and crafted by African metal smiths who are skilled in forging and fabricating beads and casting metal using the lost wax technique.

Chunky African Statement Necklace