Mali clay beads in deep coral color and protected with Protecta Clear to not rub off. Many clay beads have a residue that can be a problem on clothes. This necklace has brown and pink Krobo beads from Ghana with recycled pink and white glass, brass from Ethiopia as interest and hook closure.

Size: 23 inches

Clay beads date as far back as 1000 BC in various regions across the world. In Africa, clay beads were used as trade beads in countries such as Ghana and Mali. Clay beads were mainly adorned by the poor due to their affordability. In contrast to the rare precious stones and metals that the rich could wear, clay was available in abundance. Clay beads were traditionally used in prayer strands as well as in amulets as jewelry. The beads were typically designed with large holes that could accommodate leather thongs as strands. 

Krobo beads: First molds are created out of clay. Glass is chosen by color and crushed by hand into powder.  This powder they put in the clay molds with a cassava stalk in the centre .Then they put it in a self-built oven. When fired, the stalks burn away leaving a hole in each bead. The resulting beads are then hand painted with various colors and designs.

Mali Clay Necklace